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Japanese Arisaka Type 99 Firing Pin


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Product Information

These are the last ones I'll have in who knows how long. They are a reproduction.

This firing pin is made as a replacement for Arisaka Type 99 Caliber 7.7 rifles. The piece has been checked to an original working rifle for fit, function and striker protrusion, both fire and safe. It should "drop in" to any original, working rifle in good condition, but since the rifles were made by various factories with wide, varying levels of quality, it is the user's responsibility to have the installation checked by a competent gunsmith.

Note that the type 99 firing pin can be used as a replacement on a type 38, Caliber 6.5, rifle if BOTH the firing pin and matching type 99 safety are substituted together. This is by design by the original builders since the original type 38s were found to have a deficiency in the way the pieces lock together.

This is not guaranteed to work on "last ditch" bolts without hand fitting. "Last ditch" guns are not safe to shoot in any case and should be used for display only.

Made in the USA

Product Code: JAPE6


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