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Garand Barrel Wrench


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Product Information

Barrel Wrench (M1 ONLY)

Unlike other wrenches made for torquing Garand barrels, this wrench contacts the flats on the upper, small diameter of the barrel for a solid, non-slip grip.

Blocks use 1/2" diameter bolts on 3" centers, which is compatible with many handles already available and may already be in your tool box. The wrench blocks can simply be bolted to the edge of your work bench or any convenient flat bar. However, if you don't have a handle to use with this tool, see our Universal Action Wrench Handle listing.

Having re-barreled many Garands, we find that the old barrel thread can take upwards of 200 ft-lbs to break loose and this tool will handle that easily. While it shouldn't be necessary to use that much torque to install/align a properly fit new barrel, this tool will also allow you to use as much torque as a qualified barrel smith would see fit.

This auction is for the tool ONLY.

Product Code: GARZWUV864


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