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Blued Bushing for Beretta 92/96 and Taurus 92/99


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Product Information

 This is a slide-to-barrel bushing for Beretta 92/96 and Taurus 92/99 semi-auto pistols in either 9mm or 40 SW. Both models are built with more than necessary clearance between the slide and barrel at the muzzle when the action is locked in battery. This means the barrels usually wiggle a little between shots making the pistols less accurate than they would otherwise be. The factory clearance is desirable only if you regularly subject your pistol to the drop in the mud test. Bushings fit barrels closely, but openings in slide mouths vary. Bushings typically drop in, but sometimes minor dressing of the slide mouth is necessary.

Low temp solder works great, but Acraglass also does a good job of securing the bushings. When soldering the stainless bushing, it's necessary to use compatible flux. Standing the slide muzzle end down on a smooth hot plate is the slickest way to install by soldering.


Made in the USA

Product Code: PLED20605


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